We offer a complete range of dental services for kids and their developing smiles.

We are dedicated to providing your child with the most positive dental experience possible, every time they visit our office.

We know that going to the dentist can be a scary experience for some, so we strive to keep the environment calm, friendly and inviting. We work at your child’s pace, take breaks if they get overwhelmed, and explain each step of the process.

Your Child’s First Visit

It is recommended that your child first see a dentist by their first birthday. By this time, the baby’s first teeth, also known as primary teeth, are beginning to erupt making it a critical time to spot any problems before they become big concerns.

Early Positive Dental Experiences

We’re committed to helping children feel at ease during their dental appointments so they can maintain good oral health today and into adulthood.

Kid-Friendly Dentistry

We believe it is important to establish a good oral hygiene routine early in a child’s life. By doing this you can help ensure a lifetime of good oral health behaviours. We provide knowledge and treatments that help maintain a healthy smile. Our team will customize a service plan that best meets your child’s oral health needs, and keep their smile healthy and happy.

Preventative Dental Hygiene

Regular exams and cleanings during childhood will help preserve the primary teeth until they are ready to fall out and make room for the permanent teeth. During each appointment, we will review proper oral hygiene techniques to ensure your child’s smile is getting the proper care at home.

Dental Services for Kids

Restorative Dental Services icon Restorative Dental Services

If your child is at risk of decay, develops a cavity, or is experiencing misalignment issues, our dentists may recommend restorative treatments such as dental fillings and mouth guards.

Dental Therapy icon Dental Therapy

Our dental therapist, is energetic while still empathetic towards children’s apprehensions. Armed with the right amount of silly, she is extremely effective in having our children leave the office with smiles on their faces.

Nitrous Oxide (laughing gas) icon Nitrous Oxide (laughing gas)

This safe, reversible, inhalation form of sedation helps with the treatment of our youngest patients. It helps reduce apprehension, and leads to more successful appointments thereby minimizing the need for multiple visits. At times, using Nitrous can eliminate the need to use dental freezing, thus making your child’s experiences as positive as possible.